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June 9 th 2024
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Solo Exhibition Glass Crown
Group exhibition WILD FLOWERS
Unleashing Creativity in the NFT Space: Joana H.'s Artistic Odyssey
By Mahnoor Haroon Niazi @Mahnoor_H_Niazi 

In the bustling city of Hamburg, Germany, Joana H. stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation in the advertising and NFT art space. With two decades of experience, including a decade as a freelancer, Joana has honed her craft working with prestigious brands like BMW, Bacardi, Nintendo, and Ikea. Her journey is a testament to the power of creativity, which she has embraced in various forms, from drawing and painting to furniture redesign and now, digital art.
Joana's artistic philosophy is rooted in the belief that the creative process is vital, whether it manifests in the physical or digital realm. This ethos drives her passion for creating compelling visuals and concepts that captivate audiences. Since December 2022, Joana has dived deep into the world of AI-generated images, finding a new medium to express her boundless creativity. This exploration has reignited her artistic fervor, allowing her to craft stunning digital collages that mirror her earlier Photoshop works but with a futuristic twist.
Hamburg's rich cultural tapestry serves as a constant source of inspiration for Joana. The city's unique blend of traditional and modern influences is evident in her work, which seamlessly integrates classic artistic techniques with state-of-the-art technology. Joana's art is designed to evoke a spectrum of emotions, from laughter and wonder to deep reflection, motivating viewers to engage with art in new and exciting ways.
Her mentioned works include "The Golden Age," a portrayal of a modern Eve that challenges societal norms about aging and beauty. "The Beekeeper" stirs controversy with its eerie yet captivating imagery, while "I’ll keep an EYE" showcases Joana's love for fashion through an imaginative and unseen perspective. "The risk is worth it" and "Damaged Goods" explore themes of luxury and self-discovery, pushing the boundaries of what AI art can achieve.
Joana's commitment to pushing visual art's boundaries and exploring new technologies makes her a trailblazer in the NFT space. Her work invites us to see the world through a different lens, encouraging both young and seasoned professionals to embrace their creativity and explore the limitless possibilities of art. Through her inspiring journey, Joana H. continues to leave a lasting impact, reminding us all that the creative process is as important as the final masterpiece.
Glass Crown, The natural phenomena artist
Curator She-Ra @shirapugatch
With her digital artwork, Glass Crown transports viewers to a world of dreams, mythology, and the raw power of nature. Using a unique combination of photography, 3D elements, and artificial intelligence, she creates rich, narrative-driven landscapes that capture the imagination. 
 Taking inspiration from historical masterpieces, Glass Crown's works engage in a metaphysical dialogue with artistic traditions, paying homage while pushing the boundaries of aesthetics. Her work is exhibited worldwide and acclaimed for its romantic, larger-than-life sensibility that celebrates the beauty of nature. 

aRttacksYOU - Joana H.

My style, if I have one, is to put things in unusual contexts, preferably in an aesthetic and simple style that invites hanging the pictures on the wall and gives the feeling of "it is designed".

I have been working in the advertising industry for almost two decades and have won several awards, with the last ten years working as a freelancer. The ability to create images with artificial intelligence fulfilled a long-held dream of mine. It used to take weeks to convey my vision of certain looks, photos, or drawings to others. But now I have found a sparring partner who understands me and works by my side without hesitation. I'm having so much fun with this collaboration that I've barely had time to sleep for a year and a half because I just have to try out one last idea. The realization of an idea, from the first thought to the satisfactory result, can take anywhere from an hour to several days. Towards the end, it goes faster and faster because the AI learns too.

My studies in visual communication in Düsseldorf and Hamburg, with a focus on photography, drawing, and creative writing, laid the foundation for my career. I stayed in Hamburg, where I quickly gained a foothold in a renowned advertising agency and was able to work on projects for brands such as IKEA, BMW, and Bacardi. My many years of experience give me an enormous advantage in "prompt" writing, photo briefings, and illustrator briefs, which always include references to styles, artists, light, setting, colors, and moods.

I love to work in Midjourney, in my job, too. Artificial intelligence can be used excellently to pre-visualize drafts of projects and ideas, which saves a lot of time and therefore money in the implementation process. My experience has shown that creativity can flow much more freely in the implementation process because the basic steps are completed quickly
BLUE - group exhibition 
Step into a world of serene blue hues at our latest group exhibition, where artists explore the depths of this captivating color. From tranquil seascapes to thought-provoking abstracts, immerse yourself in a spectrum of blue interpretations. 
“BLUE” group exhibition brings together a diverse array of artists hailing from various communities, each offering their unique interpretation of the color blue. From serene cerulean to deep navy, the exhibition serves as a canvas for exploring the multifaceted significance of this ubiquitous shade. For some, blue symbolizes tranquility and calm, evoking memories of vast oceans and open skies. Others delve into its darker tones, unraveling themes of melancholy and introspection. 
The viewers are invited to immerse themselves in the emotional depth and cultural resonance of blue, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers to find common ground in its universal allure.
Join us as we journey through the many shades of blue, evoking emotions, sparking curiosity, and inviting reflection. 
Every community choose six artworks to show case in the wall:

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