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March 3rd 2024
Linked by ART  |  888 Inner Circle
Solo Exhibition DMTRY SHAD 
Group exhibition CIRCLES
Shad: A Journey from Medicine to the Art of Darkness
By Mahnoor Haroon Niazi @Mahnoor_H_Niazi 
Shad's artistic journey is nothing short of extraordinary. From the precision of a medical career to the unrestrained creativity of photography and body painting, his life is a canvas painted with diverse experiences. Initially dabbling in medicine for over 16 years, Shad's eclectic interests led him through a maze of life's possibilities—from strumming the electric guitar and racing motorcycles to nurturing exotic creatures and mastering the art of tattooing. Yet, it was photography, a hobby turned passion, that captured his soul.

Fifteen years ago, Shad's curiosity led him to purchase his first camera, opening a door to a world where light bends to the will of his lens. His experimentation across various styles eventually drew him to body painting, marking the genesis of his signature series, "Under the Black Sun." Here, Shad weaves eerie narratives through his lens, transforming models into haunting embodiments of demons and ghosts. This series not only showcases his unique blend of photography and body painting but also delves into the darker recesses of the human psyche, exploring themes of inner demons and the beauty in darkness.

Residing in the shadowed elegance of St. Petersburg, Shad draws inspiration from its bleak winters and architectural majesty, reflecting the city's contrast in his work. His remarkable ability to channel even the most somber energies into his art has not gone unnoticed; with 71 international awards and exhibitions in 30 countries, Shad's work resonates globally.

In "Under the Black Sun," Shad invites us to confront our shadows, to find beauty in what we fear, and perhaps, to understand the dark part of consciousness that dwells within us all. His work is a reminder that even in darkness, there is art to be discovered, and sometimes, it's in the shadows that we find the most compelling stories.

The light of Shad. 
By She Ra , curator and exhibition designer @shirapugatch
Archetypes of shadows represent those parts of ourselves that are not accepted. Demons that contradict our self-image hide in the shadows. There are parts of our personalities we don't want to see or accept.

Yet one cannot stop looking at Shayd's demons. Their powerful presence and uncompromising quality cannot be ignored.

Dmitry Shad, in his  constantly expanding collection "Under the Black Sun", creates a breathtaking aesthetic through precise connections and phenomenal mastery of various artistic tools. His models are performers and dancers with a bold presence. He paints, textures, directs and photographs them.

The paradox is that once illuminated, the demon ceases to be. 
These demons tell the story we keep in the dark. It takes a little light - Shad's light - to see in the dark.
This occurs between viewer and artwork. Character by character, through varying exposure, plays of light and color, the demon becomes more human.

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