NFT collection

Support our community activity. 50% of the sales will go to buy NFT art.

A collection of AI-based visuals created as part of Linked by Art Group's branding package by Shira Pugatch using Midjourney and Adobe photoshop.
The branding is a combination of traditional graphics, digital illustration and artificial intelligence. Each week, as part of our branding work, a visually appealing Twitter image is created.
The image incorporates our logo into an AI prompt and complements the visuals used on our website and in the exhibitions.
This consistent graphic language sets us apart.
As time progresses, our visual language continually evolves while staying rooted in the values of art, futurism, the metaverse, and connections. It fluctuates between figurative and abstract forms, allowing for dynamic and diverse expressions.
 In our project, centered around cryptographic art, we not only create visuals for branding but also mint them on the blockchain for sale.
 These works represent our professional presence in the world of NFT fine art. When collectors purchase these pieces, they not only acquire the artwork but also demonstrate their support and appreciation for our project and its values
Linked by art on OBJKT.COM 
Linked by eyes
Collaboration between Shira Pugatch, Sketch light and Polina AT
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