NFT collection

Support the continuation of the community activities by buying our art.

A collection of AI-based visuals created as part of 'Linked by Art' promotion and branding package.
Linked by Art promotes and creates opportunities for independent NFT artists while making valuable web 3 art more accessible to collectors.
Activities in 2023 focused on metaverse exhibitions and weekly X spaces.

Each week, a special image is generated as part of the Unique graphic language. Combining traditional graphics with artificial intelligence.

While maintaining values such as art, futurism, metaverse, and connections, artistic language changes and develops constantly. Occasionally figurative, sometimes abstract.

As part of the activities, which are entirely based on cryptographic art, the visuals created for the branding process are also minted on-chain and offered for sale.

Beyond the pleasure of purchasing the art work itself, the collectors support the continuation of the community activities.
Linked by art on OBJKT.COMĀ 
Linked by eyes
Collaboration between Shira Pugatch, Sketch light and Polina AT
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