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Linked by Art promotes and creates opportunities for independent NFT artists while making valuable web 3 art more accessible to collectors.

As part of our activity we are focused on metaverse exhibitions and weekly X spaces. Actively involved in managing and operating various projects and exhibitions. Collaborating with colleagues and professionals, we organize events, conduct interviews, host spaces, curate, and build galleries in the metaverse. 

The initial connection among us was formed in the NFT community spaces.Our distinct artistic pursuits, the shared love for art and belief in the Web3 future and decentralization brought us together. 

Trading on Web 3 can be very unstable and predictable. Many interested traders want to collect and to trade NFT art  but do not know how to identify which artisans are worth investing in and what truly valuable art. At the same time, we noticed a great difficulty for the independent artists, including us, to show and reveal. Navigating the blockchain art scene as individual artists and art producers we gather a community of fine NFT art around us we become an official source for collectors who look to buy crypto art and to connect the artist to the collectors.

Our goal at Linked by Art is to create a quality and reliable connection between artists and collectors through exposure, fruitful dialogue and asking preliminary questions.
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We are a team of three women artists who take part on a regular basis in the management and operation of Linked by art's projects, exhibitions and regular tasks.
In every event we organize, we collaborate with colleagues and professionals.
 We are open to proposals based on co-creation, collaboration and funding.
She Ra Intoart  (Shira Pugatch)
TEAM ROLES: Curation, branding and graphic packaging, Gallery designer, visual contents, web designer and builder, social media.

Owner of Street Cat Studio for visual communication and an Independent multidisciplinary creator (intoart.io). self-taught and a single mom for 2 girls.
After graduating Art studies in Avni Art Institute, Tel Aviv I enrolled in a web design program that exposed me to digital art and design and fell in love with the technology. In my work I combine my art and design skills. Using a versatile toolkit, such as vector art, lettering, animations, coding and AI.
Deciding to embrace the advantages and possibilities of the flourishing global village, in 2015 I became a digital nomad and since then I have been living and creating in Phangan Island, Thailand.
In 2021 I was exposed to the new web3 movement and for the past 2 years I have been creating NFT art, building connections and hosting spaces. The early vision I had to establish a virtual gallery that provides a platform for artists and collectors to meet online is finally blooming these days.

TEAM ROLES: ​​​​​​​ Event organizer, marketing, social media.
Ray Vanger a Light painting photography woman artist addicted to waving lights in the dark. When you shot in the dark you really can manipulate the camera to see what you want it to see and get creative. Light painting is an art form, a technique consisting of creating Images by capturing the movement of light. It's a combination of painting and photography, darkness is my canvas and light is the brush. All of my artworks are pictures created in real time captured to the camera in one single photographic frame. Some of my artworks highlight the abstract nature of light, I'm inspired by the beauty of light in all its various forms. It is a technique that creates the impossible, records the paths of light into the picture, reveals something hidden in the real world.
I would like to raise awareness of the existence of this type of artwork ("light painting") and its inherent charm.

I have been part of the NFT space since 2021, creating & I think the artists are the heart and soul of the blockchain , and the ones that are in it for the long term & for the right reasons are the true builders.
TEAM ROLES: ​​​​​​​ Twitter host, Event organizer, content creator, developer, You Tube Admin.

A traditional painter, with a background in photo-realistic oils, working mainly with charcoal and mixing it with the digital medium.
I've been creating ever since I can remember myself. I was always the girl who can draw the best in class, and the one who’s always asked to draw, or design something. At the age of 16 I was painting photo-realistic portraits in oil colors. These days I can't break away from charcoal - this black, dramatic and rough material. 
I Mainly love working with natural charcoal, but at the same time I continue to be drawn to technology. I’m interested in exploring the merge of the ancient draw technique with the digital mediums. My themes are also about contrasts and contradiction; Loneliness and togetherness, disconnection and connection, Black and White. Art for me is therapy, like meditation. A way to connect with myself and a way to connect with others.
I have been part of the NFT space since 2021, creating, collecting and hosting spaces. The thing that drives me the most is the love of art and people. I have been hosting a regular weekly space for over 1 year, and the most exciting thing about it is to see how people connect, share ideas, form collaborations and just share the same passion to this new world that is forming in front of our eyes.
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