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Al Rum
“Re-connection”, by Al Rum delves into the notion of solitude and the paradoxical interconnectedness between solitary individuals in the digital age. The visual representation of the network of connections resembles the roots of nature, discussed here before.
Rum's art is a reflection of our contemporary world, exploring our emotions, new technologies, and their impact on our daily lives. In Re-connection he examines the idea that in today's world, no one is truly alone. We are always connected, regardless of where we are, but these connections are often controlled by large corporations who wield an immense amount of power.
However, with the emergence of web3 technology, we have the potential to change this dynamic. By empowering individuals to take control of their digital identities and data, we can create a more equitable and decentralized online world. "Re-connection" is a powerful reminder of the need to rethink our relationship with technology and consider how we can use it to create a better future for all.

Twitter  @alekra_non
Alanna Wilcox
Glitch art but make it fiber
One of the prominent artistic practices in the exhibition is the fusion of physical and digital art. The combination of Web3 technology with art takes the artistic experimentation in the field of art and technology to new heights, and Alana's work is one of the outstanding examples of this.

Alana refers to one of the prominent trends in the NFT scene, glitch art,  but connects it to ancient physical craftsmanship, creating a fascinating new world. Crafts related to fabrics, knitting, sewing, and fabric creation are ancient traditional crafts that carry a lot of symbolism. Humans have been using fabrics to cover themselves since the dawn of civilization, and fabrics teach us a lot about history. Moreover, these crafts pass through generations.

These meanings are intricately woven with the digital medium, resulting in a beautiful and colorful image that invites the viewer to a moment of contemplation and tranquility. Alans wanted to see if she could capture the qualities of Glitch Art by using her handspan and hand dyed yarns. She wanted to put the spot on the creation process itself. It hides many beautiful moments that are missed when seeing only the final piece.
Ali Taghvaei
Dance of the soul +
Dance of words
Ali is an exceptionally talented photographer who specializes in the unique technique of light painting photography. By utilizing the camera's features and capturing a single long exposure shot, Ali can skillfully "paint" with light. The resulting photographs unveil hidden elements that are hidden to our naked eye.
Ali showcases 2 photos featuring ballet dancers adorned with intricate Arabic letters. The letters gracefully encircle their bodies, forming delicate images. These images present a captivating contrast: the dancers are frozen in a fleeting moment of their dance routine, while the light painting technique unveils a creation that evolved over time. The harmonious and beautiful result is truly captivating.
The rise
The juxtaposition of humanity and nature, previously discussed here, is also vividly portrayed in Arezou's captivating masterpiece, where dreamy flowers take on the form of the human figure, inviting us to rise from the same unrivaled horizon of love, as the artist describes.
Arezou's artwork is a manifestation of her creative imagination, but it has the power to touch the hearts of all who behold it. She sings lullabies to the world through her dreams, inviting it to awaken each morning with love and kindness. 
As Arezou so eloquently puts it, "So, I smile at you in that unique horizon and dance the eternity with you”.

Bstarct’s latest piece, Glow, that was recently displayed in Times Square during NFT.NYC consists of multiple physical abstract pieces of art digitally manipulated and combined with unique photography and animation techniques.
It also consists of original music written and recorded by Bstract. Including a feature from Snoop Dogg, as Bstract owns the NFT allowing him to use it in his Music. 
Glow is the original art behind the "100 Years of Women" collection by Emily Faye and Bstract
Bstract is a master of symbolic abstraction, using inspiration from his musical background, nature, travel, and technology to create stunning works. This piece, in particular, embodies the transformative power of blockchain in the art world. With its captivating depiction of a dancing figure, it draws viewers into an endless dance of discovery and wonder, showcasing the potential for blockchain to revolutionize how we consume and create art.

Like. Follow. Retweet. OBEY
ChoenLee weaves an intricate tapestry of gazes. We find ourselves both observing and being observed in unison. Perhaps she poses a profound question: Where do our choices truly reside in this complex interplay of perception?
A cyborg-like woman is in the center of the frame, linked to machines and wires. She not merely wearing an electronic device; she is physically integrated with the machinery. An AR glasses adorns her eyes, hinting at her immersion within a virtual realm. Simultaneously, she is captured by a secondary camera, possibly portraying her into someone else's virtual reality.
ChoenLee draws inspiration from pop culture, manga, and comic books, using her art to question our perception of reality. In this piece, she delves into the impact of our constant immersion in web3, inviting us to reflect on the emotions and transformations that arise. It suggests a fluidity of reality and identity “as we allow ourselves to be brainwashed into a routine.”
Instagram @ahchoen
Twitter @ahchoen

Circles of life
Circles of life is a captivating video with an immersive experience that invites the viewers to pause for a second and dive in. its meditative qualities comes from the delicated mix of shapes, color pallet and they way everything moves and circulate together
The circles symbolize the many souls that make up our universe, where each circle represent the different facets of each being's life; their own universe. Dea uses the colors in a very smart way, trying to make us notice that we are all the same, just as the circles become the same color.
The fusion of physical and digital art creates a captivating creative process that imbues works with a deeper layer of meaning. Some artists who explore this process incorporate natural materials into their pieces, resulting in captivating works of art.
Today Linked by art present: Spiraling, by Dodsicle
Dodsicle creates digital collages using pressed flowers, as seen in her piece "Spiraling," which captures a delicate, swirling movement using the petals.
In this fascinating creation process she collects and dries flowers, which on the one hand is a process of death, but on the other hand, it preserves the colors and vitality of the flower. Then she scans the results and they become her color palette with which she creates new works. 
It plays with contrasts – life-death, bloom-decay. It has an element of nostalgia and childhood and its delicately and beautifully attractive. In this work, the artist turns the headline leaves into small mice that move together in a spiral. But of course, some go outside the pattern and find their own way.

Twitter @dodsicle

Embrace the universe
Ebabur's art emanates a profound sense of love, care, and happiness. Her belief in spreading love and fostering positivity resonates throughout her work, inspiring others to flourish alongside her. 
This sentiment is beautifully encapsulated in Embrace the Universe, a minimalist and enchanting animation. In this piece, a human figure is tenderly connected to the Earth through the symbol of a heart, while flowers flourish, infusing everything with a sense of love. 
Crafted with delicate line drawings, this animation perfectly conveys its simple yet profound message of love. Within the exhibition, the theme of our shared human connections echos, and this particular artwork adds a strikingly beautiful and optimistic layer to this narrative.


Art not only delves into significant issues and raises thought-provoking questions but also embraces experimentation and enjoyment. This facet of art is undeniably crucial in the artistic journey, and Eitzi serves as a poignant reminder of its significance in the realm of art creation. 
His work profoundly echoes one of the prevailing themes consistently observed in the submissions: the rediscovery of childlike joy, playful games, and a profound connection to our primal childhood memories.
EYECATCHER features a a large, luminous eyeball nestled within a hand adorned with vibrant lines resembling tattoos or body paints. These lines cascade ceaselessly from the hand, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. The eye's delicate nerve lines seamlessly merge with the background and the hand, resembling interconnected roots that bind the entire composition.
Despite the potentially ominous and surreal imagery portrayed, Eitzi's masterful use of vibrant colors and overall composition transforms what could have been a terrifying scene into a moment filled with joy and happiness.

Principles of Shamanism

An abstract, shiny, and colorful frame catches your eye, but upon closer inspection, you'll notice hidden symbols flashing in an endless loop. A complex mix of flowers, human figures, and animals reminiscent of ancient cave paintings that reflect our shared roots and unity.
This resonate with other works in the exhibition that explore themes of roots, origins, and humanity.
His words:
We are one in harmony 
Creating a wise unity 

All our roots are different 
All our branches are free

The fetal pose resurfaces in Illustrate's work, “Anxiety”, where a hybrid creature, monster-human, blossoms with organic elements emanating from her form. Though isolated in her growth, the creature remains connected to her surroundings, maybe symbolizing the interconnectivity that binds us all as humans.
"Anxiety" is one of illustrata's early works created using Stylegan XL + Clip, an AI tool. The piece aims to capture the experience of living with anxiety. its authentic portrayal of the condition, providing a relatable perspective on the complexities of the human experience.
 Twitter @illustrata_ai
Jacob has a one-of-a-kind approach to art-making. The fusion of physical and digital art creates a captivating creative process that imbues works with a deeper layer of meaning. He incorporates natural materials into his pieces, resulting in a truly unique and captivating works.
She was constructed using the spores of three different mushrooms, layered using stencils, thus creating a profound connection between the artist, nature, and paper. It’s part of a series of works that are a testament to the power of slowing down and forging a deeper bond with the natural world.
The delicate lines of mushroom spores serve as the figure's hair, evoking the presence of root lines found in other artworks at the exhibition. A captivating interplay of light and shadow shapes the character's face, while a striking contrast emerges between the organic, unplanned spore lines and the meticulous illustrative technique applied to the lips and eyes.
Luciana Telles 
Root Yourself

Roots is One of the primary motifs of the exhibition. whether physical or symbolic, the roots encircle the human form, sprouting from it or enveloping it entirely. In this piece a woman lays in a fetal position, vulnerable and exposed, as she is engulfed by the ever-growing roots that almost threaten to swallow her whole in an endless loop.
We are connected globally, but it is important not to forget our roots, our origins that brought us to where we are now: we are planetary citizens.

Instagram @tellesc.luciana
Miss MacD
Collage is a traditional medium and a remarkable art form that weaves together elements from diverse realms, often in stark contrast. The result is a mesmerizing fusion that unveils a touch of enchantment, and such is the magic embodied in this particular Collage.

One of the central themes of the exhibition resonates with every human being—the primordial aspects that bind us together: nostalgia and childhood games. Regardless of one's background or heritage, an immediate connection is forged, eliciting heartfelt smiles. Miss MacD's surreal aquarium perfectly captures this sentiment.

Vibrant aquatic creatures, a treasure trove, intricate sculptures, and a solitary swimmer invite you to immerse yourself in a whimsical and dreamlike adventure. Within this captivating composition of various symbols, a multitude of stories unfolds, each hinting at countless others. Notably, the backdrop reveals the iconic Colosseum, an ancient symbol steeped in our shared cultural heritage.

Moses Award Winning Artist, Painter , Sculptor, Art Educator, a philosopher #NFTs Artist from Abuja, Nigeria
In Puzzle an enigmatic human face appears as if it has been disassembled and reassembled like a puzzle. The identities of these individuals remain a mystery, leaving us uncertain whether the pieces can ever be put back together to reveal a complete picture.
this piece is an example of the recurring motif of the eye in this exhibition. Even as fragmented pieces, these small eye fragments gaze back at us, emphasizing the primal connection we share as humans through our senses and physical beings.
As Moses puts it: “We are all a part of each other, we all must come together to form that perfect picture”

A captivating representation of the music theme within the exhibition, drawing immediate attention with its engaging gaze and vibrant, fiery colors contrasting against a light background.

music is an art form that resonates deeply within us and transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, connecting us all.
“THE ART of SOUND”, showcases the power of art and music to "evoke deep emotions and stir the senses," painting a vivid picture of the human experience.
Pepe’s goal is to inspire new ways of thinking. He delves into the intricate relationship between technology & humanity, aiming to ignite meaningful conversations. Through the art-music fusion, this piece achieves "a harmony of visual and auditory sensations."
Plutonic Mind
Sonata N° 1
This exhibition takes pride in its diverse range of mediums and styles, including the incorporation of Music. Plutonic Mind, a talented pianist and composer, specializes in classical and electronica. Additionally, she is an audiovisual artist, crafting captivating videos to accompany her musical compositions.
Sonata N° 1 is part of a series of compositions from 2022, played exclusively on an acoustic grand piano with analogue preparation and using digital sound manipulation. The Visuals in the video were recorded on a flight over London, and have been manipulated to reflect the binaural recording technique.
This technique resonates with other artworks in the exhibition that capture the essence of urban life, depicting crowds moving like ants, almost resembling an abstract piece of art. This manipulated video footage is presented in a mandala-like visual to accompany the piano performance.
A marvelous fusion of visuals and sound is created in a work that is captivating and mesmerizing.
Ritchie Sacramento 
The life to come
In this mysterious photo, shadowy figures walk through a foggy, cloud-covered place. Their forms are indistinct. they either move closer or further away from the viewer.
This photo hints at a bigger story, like a film snapshot. Real people blend into the background, becoming abstract elements of the scene.
Richie's images explore the link between modern aesthetics and the subconscious influence of prehistoric times. "The Life to Come" reflects on today's geopolitical climate, emphasizing the need for unity in the face of an increasingly uncertain future.
Suzuki Eric
Hugging Rainbows
Rainbow colors hold immense symbolic power in various ways, with one of their primary connotations being childhood. They possess a magical quality that unites us all as human beings, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.

Suzuki adeptly incorporates rainbow colors into an image resembling a human fingerprint, adorned with intricate, delicate lines. also reminiscent of roots or underground fungi. Upon closer examination, one is left pondering about the technique.
Employing acrylic paint and a plastic plate, Suzuki masterfully crafts his artwork, driven by the intention to convey the profound strength of peace. To him, the rainbow serves as a hug, a symbol of unwavering support.
Lucid Dreaming
Tazz is an artist, educator and researcher who seamlessly blends music, watercolor painting, and animation to create a truly one-of-a-kind artistic experience. 
Lucid Dreaming is part of the series Altered States of Consciousness, which delves into the fascinating world of alternative patterns of experience that differ qualitatively from our everyday state of being. 
Throughout history, individuals have used various techniques such as dancing, meditation, and lucid dreaming to access spiritual entities and explore different realities. Tazz explores this theme by employing two of the oldest mediums for representing altered states of consciousness: paintings and music. 
Tehran #1
Tehran #1 is part of a series of video art works captured in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Using her mobile, Visheh delicately documented the people and transportation movement during rush hour in the city, in an attempt to convey its unique nature: A multicultural metropolis with an intriguing blend of architectural styles, cultures and contrasting social classes.
The outcome is a captivating abstract tableau, where figures vanish and reappear, rendering them almost unrecognizable. The interplay of their presence becomes a symphony, harmonizing with the urban backdrop, transforming the mundane into a poetic spectacle that reveals its inherent beauty
Instagram @visheh_xyz
Listen to Visheh speaking about this piece youtube
Pussynator no.15
Yagama’s work is another excellent example of how the fusion between physical and digital art creates new and fascinating worlds. In her creation, Yagama connects with Mother Earth and ancient tribal sources, seeking to reclaim the power of women in the story of humanity.
In Pussynator Yagama uses the ancient vulva dentata symbol in a way to get back our power and stature as real-life breathing, bleeding - or not - goddesses. Pussynator no.15
is about being in love with your wild side, and the wild side of others. As Yagama says: “We are all the divine expressing itself.” 
i've got flowers in my hair, 
I sing and dance like I don't care. 
If you want war, my fangs I bare. 
I'm naked and sublime, 
enjoying life with no reason or rhyme. 
Being myself is not a crime. 
Stop the fighting and take your time to shine.

X9 Blue
Ariu Azadi
X9 Blue, from UN X KNOWN collection, a mesmerizing blend of physical and digital art 
Ariu Azadi uses traditional paint on paper & then transforms the piece digitally. His work is a reflection of his experiences and emotions about his reality
The intricate details of ink smears and rounded lines draw the viewer's gaze towards the heart of the artwork. Within it, an interplay of bold and delicate brushstrokes showcasing the technique's expressive nature.
This piece captures the artist's personal journey while also revealing a universal truth that resonates with the viewer.
The converging circular shapes are reminiscent of the roots that grow and envelop in other works in the exhibition.
Alongside straight and planned lines are free and organic lines - a combination that symbolizes the connection between digital and physical, between man and machine.

Instagram @AriuAzadi 
Twitter @AriuAzadi
Pussynator no.15
Yagama’s work is another excellent example of how the fusion between physical and digital art creates new and fascinating worlds. In her creation, Yagama connects with Mother Earth and ancient tribal sources, seeking to reclaim the power of women in the story of humanity.
In Pussynator Yagama uses the ancient vulva dentata symbol in a way to get back our power and stature as real-life breathing, bleeding - or not - goddesses. Pussynator no.15
is about being in love with your wild side, and the wild side of others. As Yagama says: “We are all the divine expressing itself.” 
i've got flowers in my hair, 
I sing and dance like I don't care. 
If you want war, my fangs I bare. 
I'm naked and sublime, 
enjoying life with no reason or rhyme. 
Being myself is not a crime. 
Stop the fighting and take your time to shine

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