AI ART Evolution

Co-curation between Linked by Art and VAVortex AI Art Community. Collaboration between AIPES NFT, Joyn and Paladin Punks,

Artificial intelligence was founded as an academic discipline in 1956, and in the decades since has experienced several waves of optimism. Many mechanisms for creating AI art have been developed since then. Artists began to create AI art in the mid to late-20th century when the discipline was founded. 

AI has become increasingly prevalent in the world of art in our time, giving rise to a new genre of art known as AI art. It refers to any form of artistic expression that is created with tools of artificial intelligence. AI Art is a fundamentally new set of tools and ways to create art that has and will revolutionize the foundations of art and change art history. 

To celebrate this breakthrough in Modern Art - WARM WELCOME to AI ART EVOLUTION, a co-curation between and Linked by Art & VAVortex AI Art Community. 

This exhibition captures the last few years of AI Art Evolution, and focuses on the evolution of the relationship between artists and AI over time. The exhibition covers artworks from 2016 til today. During this period of time AI ART Tools have made an incredible development and as we can see from this exhibition, so has the artists. Creating an artistic image with artificial intelligence tools is a very new art form and we want to visualize the striking evolution in art, artist, and tools that has developed during this short period of time. This exhibition also demonstrates that the artists have their own styles which, unlike the AI Art Machines, remain very human. This curation gives us an extraordinary insight into the dawn of this new born art form.
Photos from the event on 11 October 2023

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