Linked by Art

We believe in the spirit of web 3 and want to use our collective power to grow together.

Linked by art aims to promote NFT art and create opportunities for independent artists on Web 3.
We want to tell the story of independent web3 artists. our story. 
Artists' activities are the foundation of the NFT art community.
The artists are the ones who really build the space, creating art for years and will continue no matter what, we trust in the long-term runners.
NFT art is relatively small and has growth potential. With our knowledge and experience in both art and web3, we believe we can add value and contribute to your art project.
Art has the ability to provoke meaningful discourse when presented in the right way. It is important to highlight this power. 
We establish exhibitions and art events through various collaborations.
Our service includes management, curation, gallery space design, branding, marketing and promotion.
List of exhibitions

SUPERCOMMUNITY 04. April 14th 2024
SUPERCOMMUNITY 03. March 3rd 2024
SUPERCOMMUNITY 02. February 4th 2024
SUPERCOMMUNITY 01 December 2023
 AI Art evolution October 2023
 Linked by art  May 2023
X spaces 
Twitter spaces every Friday, 9 AM GMT,
Our weekly spaces since 2021 are dedicated to different topics related to art, technological innovations and news.
The spaces are also focus on the artists presenting in our exhibitions, recored interviews with artists and with with leading people in the field of art, technology and marketing..

NFT collection
Each week, a special image is created as part of the Unique graphic language of Combining traditional graphics with artificial intelligence. While maintaining values such as art, futurism, metaverse, and connections, artistic language changes and develops constantly. Occasionally figurative, sometimes abstract. Beyond the pleasure of purchasing the art work itself, the collectors support the continuation of the community activities
Article about us from Chaap magazine

artists promotion 
We are managing Instagram, Twitter and Youtube page.
we use the social media platform to promote artists, open calls and activities and knowledge.
Want to get featured ? 

Who are we?
how did we get here?
A group of  independent  active artists in the NFT space since 2021, each from a different field. 
We were united by our love of art and our shared belief in web3 and decentralization. While each of us embarked on our own journey as artists, selling and creating art on the blockchain, we also create exhibitions, hosting weekly spaces on X,  where we mainly connecting with other artists and builders, having discussion and listening to their inspiring stories.
We have noticed a gap.

There are many exhibitions, collections and spaces about art, but our focus is to get deeper and more meaningful discourse. If you've ever visited a good art exhibition with interesting content and story, you know what it's like to experience art's ability to inspire, provoke thought, and ask questions.
We want to Show art and talk about art in a way that gives it the respect it deserves.

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